Every film is a the product of a huge team of diverse people.

You can make a difference in bringing the rest of the movie to life.

The short film, Across, was truly a grassroots effort.  A small self-financed budget was augmented by the deferred-pay work of a talented group of cast and crew members.  We are proud of our short film about Gus Tolton's attempt to escape slavery as a boy, but Across has always been meant to be made into a feature film.  Now that we have the momentum of a multi-laureled short, we are asking the public to help us make that a reality. Anyone can invest - that’s right I said INVEST, not donate - for as little as $100.


Across Movie LLC has partnered with FaithFilmFund and TruCrowd.com to set up a development fund for the film under SEC guidelines. Please go to our special investor page for all the details.

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