Tolton Film Gets a Seat at the Cannes Table

Across: The Father Tolton Movie is being represented at the world’s most prestigious film market - Cannes. The ten-day event - run in conjunction with the famous Cannes Film Festival - brings together filmmakers and distributors from all over the globe. Joan Tankersley will be pitching the feature film project - based on the completed short film of the same name - as part of her slate of projects for Five Key Collective.

“The good news for Across is that it has a global audience appeal. I love this story and Chris knows his craft,” Tankersley said, speaking about Screenwriter Christopher Foley. “The pacing of the script is really good too, and, in this kind of emotional work, that is so crucial.”

The movie project, which tells the story of America’s first black priest, has gained momentum as of late due to several film festival laurels and a keen interest from African Americans and Catholics. Augustine Tolton, who died in 1897, was an obscure figure in the pre-history of the Civil Rights movement, until his cause for sainthood was introduced in the Vatican several years ago. As that process gains momentum, so has the development of the feature film.

“I’m so excited to be able to share the project at Cannes,” said Foley. “Father Gus’ story - although uniquely American - is one that will be loved by audiences all across the world. Joan and I are confident that there will be interest from numerous quarters of the film industry.”

The movie’s official Facebook page has been a good source of information on the development of the project. Across also recently launched an Instagram and Twitter page as well to keep up with the growing interest.

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