EWTN to Host World Broadcast Premiere of Tolton Short Film

Across, the short film about the boyhood of Venerable Augustine Tolton will make its television premiere on December 18 on EWTN. As the largest religious media network in the world, EWTN claims a reach of a quarter-billion people in 140 countries. The premiere will be preceded by a special episode of EWTN Live with Father Mitch Pacwa. The show will feature an interview with the film’s director, Christopher Foley, and Bishop Joseph Perry, the postulator for the sainthood of Father Tolton.

“We are delighted and honored to share our film with the world through EWTN,” said Foley. “We are in the process of turning our short into a full feature film, and bringing attention to Venerable Father Tolton’s story is a key to making that a reality. He is a true American hero, and the world needs to hear his story. I’m looking forward to the evening very much!”

Father Tolton was the first black priest in America, and the short film tells the story of his boyhood attempt to escape slavery during the Civil War. In June, Father Tolton was named Venerable by Pope Francis, a key step toward sainthood. The title is a statement by the Catholic Church that Tolton possessed “heroic virtue” and that the faithful are encouraged to pray for his intercession.

To see a trailer for the short film, visit www.AcrossMovie.com/trailer

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